2015 in Retrospective


Instead of making a list of new year's resolutions, I decided to analyse make a retrospective of my 2015.  And why did I do that? Instead of starting the year with a list of resolutions that I know for a fact that I will ditch by mid January, this retrospective is a nice way to reflect on the past year, and to celebrate possible achievements, and to learn lessons from things that didn't quite go as planned.

January - It started great, with my parents spending New Year's in London, but who will forget the Charlie Hebdo tragedy? It's not a secret that I love Paris, and having those kind of barbarities happening in such a beloved country hurts.

February - Valentine's Day as a single woman, watching 50 Shades of Grey with my friends, finishing with a Mexican food feast to celebrate love and friendship.

March - March was a very flat month, full of reflective walks in my local park, since most of the pictures of this months are taken in this location. I start to miss the sun and nice weather.

April - Easter in Prague with my friends, had an amazing time during this month, weather started to improve and this trip was something I was longing for a long time.

May - One of my best friends got married, I went to Portugal for the wedding, spend an amazing week over there and had an amazing time. I was surrounded with happiness and good friends, and it was great to see my good friend having her dream day.

June - Trip of a lifetime to Egypt. Got to see the pyramids in Cairo, snorkel in the blue lagoon, have dinner with the beduins and quad bike in the desert. In June I also celebrated my birthday, which cheered me up even more.

July - One of my luxury dreams came true: brunch at The Landmark. Great time with friends, great weather, planning weekends away in August.

August - This was definitely the travelling month. Four weekends, four destinations: Edinburgh, Dublin, Copenhagen and Paris. Need to say more?

September - This was a great month. I was invited to attend London Plus Size Fashion Week, had an Indian Wedding, which was so much fun to prepare for. I got to buy some amazing clothes on sample sales, and re-started my blog.

October - This month I met my boyfriend, experienced a week in Istanbul, got into Uni to do my Masters, and I couldn't ask for more.

November - Things with my boyfriend are great, I feel loved and appreciated. On the negative side, this was the month I had a chest infection, which meant I was almost off sick the whole month. My energy levels were quite low, and unfortunately I left my blog on the side.

December - Festivities in full force. Spent Christmas in Portugal with my family, and New Year's Eve in London. Looking forward to a great 2016!

What about you, how was your year?

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  1. Looks like a great year all in all. :) Lots of travelling which is great!!! :) You look stunning in bright pink by the way!! :) I normally do one of these posts as well, so seeing yours made me remember to do one myself. It's a good way of looking back on the year and see all the nice things one have done. :)

    xx Mookie



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