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Yesterday, Sunday, I wanted to enjoy the nice (?) weather, so although it was freezing cold, it was sunny and bright, and I really felt like going for a walk. I also felt like shopping, but since it's January, and after Christmas and the winter sale damage, I decided to go into my local charity shops. January is a great time to go, there are a lot of unwanted presents, usually still new, and people have a tendency to do a big clean around this time, so what others may consider "tat", you might consider it your little treasure. And that's what happened today. I had a budget in mind and I was really decided to stick to it, and this is what I ended up buying

Books - Ok, lt's start by my favourite part. I love checking out books in the charity shops, specially all the DK travel guides, I have a tendency to collect them, even if they are of places I know I will probably not go. Also, I like to check good coffee table and cookery books.
Monolo Blahnik book £3
Pocket posh hangman 75p
How To Be Parisien (a book I was longing for) £2
Behind the Wheel £2
DK guides - three for £2.50
Le Pliage by Longchamp £2
Nigella Lawson Feast £2
TOTAL spent in books £14.25

"Tat" - Right, who can resist a bit of "tat"? Well, I could resist to this mini whisk (50p) that came with the egg cup, a clove jar (£1) and a Cornwall Soapbox candle (£1.50). If you don't know this company, check it out, I love their stuff.
TOTAL spent on "tat" £3.

CDs and DVDs - And last but not the least, I've bough one Blondie CD for my car (50p) and a few DVDs (each one was 20p), and I'm particularly excited to watch "Broken Flowers" quite soon.
TOTAL spent on CDs and DVDs £1.90

TOTAL £19.15

So, in total I spent less than £20, and I'm really happy with my haul. I stuck to my budget and was able to get some things I really wanted, specially some of the books that I was considering paying full price for.

I wish you a very happy week, and if you did something similar, leave your link below, I would love to have a look at it.

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